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Argentinean materials, a roiling economy, and a pinch of personal tumult served as the recipe for furniture designer...
The home’s entryway features fly-ash concrete floors and stairs cut from recycled steel.
Still life with IKEA lampshade and ventless fireplace.
Adding to this visual effect are the rich woods of the FSC walnut cabinets and Engineered Bamboo Nave used throughout...
Reaching for the skylight, the five-story staircase is met at the top by the custom bookcase.
A staircase forms the core of the 1,800-square-foot home, with a symmetrical alcove on either side.
The couple connected several of the shipping containers, hollowing out the sides to form large, open living areas.
Confronted with limited space to build the staircase needed to access the living area and bedroom on the second level,...
For more on General Assembly's work, read our story on a Brooklyn loft renovation.
The upper level of the 5,300-square-foot space is accessed via a slender stair with reclaimed-wood treads.
This staircase connects the common area to the guest suites above and the wine cellar below.
Another peek at the perforated interior windows, which are made from cropped sections of the steel wall in the...
The stairs are made of iron, which was coated with white paint from San Marco.
Stainless-steel cables along the stairs function as a second railing without blocking views through the adjacent...
Stained oak flooring was used throughout the home’s ground level, and continues up the main stairwell.
The architect minimized costs by keeping the detailing relatively simple.
From the second level of the house, Griffin climbs the stairs his own way.
The second-floor family room is fronted by an L-shaped staircase with an opaque guardrail that provides some privacy...
Fabricated by Stocklin Iron Works and designed by Nebolon, the orange staircase features steel railings and treads made...
The main staircase consists of simple oak treads that cantilever out from side walls sheathed in natural vertical board...

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