Collection by Marianne Colahan

Spotlight on Peg and Awl: Home Products with History


Philadelphia–based Peg and Awl was founded by husband and wife design team Margaux and Walter Kent. The company creates products made from old materials, including reclaiming wood from 19th-century floorboards and repurposing found charms into jewelry. The duo is dedicated to creating new from old, maintaining history in each of the products they create.

A best-selling product at the Dwell Store, the Reclaimed Wood Tree Swing instantly exudes a charming, rustic feel.
Peg and Awl’s Reclaimed Wood Desk Caddy also utilizes the olde growth pine salvaged from historic Philadelphia homes.
Margaux and Walter Kent named the Marlowe Lunch Bag after their friend Katie Marlowe, who was known for giving her...
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