Collection by Olivia Martin

“Spoons” Mural at March in San Francisco


Homewares and kitchen supply store March, in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood, will display Joshua Vogel’s “Spoons” Mural beginning June 6.

Since we discovered Joshua Vogel of Black Creek Mercantile & Co., we’ve been fans of his organic, tactile products that...
The mural is made from 117 spoons and pegs carved from holly on three wormy chestnut panels.
When we last spoke to Vogel we discussed his love of making spoons and his goal to make one spoon a day, so it was...
“Each tool can have its own character, and that isn’t just dependent on different types of wood.
Spoons are one of Black Creek's best-selling products.
Each of Vogel’s pieces are free-form turned by hand.