Collection by Lundberg Design

Sonoma Land Trust Baylands Center


This modest building, designed to fit in among other adjacent barn structures, is intended to act as an information and entertainment center for a Land Trust that is restoring the adjacent Bay wetlands. Built in part from reclaimed materials salvaged from nearby collapsed barns, this is a simple form that functions primarily as a porch overlooking what will eventually be the new tidelands. The exterior wood latticework defines the gable form, yet allows transparency from the glazed interior space. A series of sliding glass doors enable the building to completely open to the outside, or when closed to function as a protected space in inclement weather. The Land Trust uses the structure for fund-raising events, educational tours, board meetings, and sometimes just as a place to watch the rain.
Photos by Nick Polansky, Jeffrey Loehmann, Ryan Hughes

View through the A-frame
Entry and Garden
Entry and corrugated facade
Plaque at entry
Rear deck
Play of shadows inside gathering space
Structure within a structure
Flexible open space
Rear deck structure
Rear deck at dawn
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