Collection by Zachary Edelson

Solar-Sensitive Eco-Friendly Homes


Above every building—during daytime hours, at least—sits the solar system's largest power source: the enormous, roiling fusion reactor that is our sun. Depending on its latitude and the landscape, every site is affected by the sun differently. These seven designs were carefully calibrated to their surroundings to achieve comfort and energy efficiency.

Architect Lloyd Russell’s design for this desert getaway passively mitigates the elements with a utilitarian solution,...
The Damianos’ house, located in Denver’s Highland neighborhood, runs completely on solar...
Both the white facades and modules' orientations are crucial in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.
The structure has a 60/40 ratio of walls to windows, a figure that was achieved through computer modeling.
The designer added a 500-square-foot third floor—hidden from the street—with a small, bluestone roof deck, to create a...
When midcentury enthusiast Margaret Riley purchased a rundown Los Angeles ranch, she turned to architect Cory Buckner...
With its bold, upswept profile, the roof gives this otherwise simple house its distinctive character.