Collection by Megan Hamaker

Solar Powered Homes


These seven beautiful homes are harnessing the power of the sun and doing it with modern elegance. Click through for inspiration on how to incorporate solar panels into your own home design and make going green look good.

Porches are a beloved element of the Southern vernacular and lifestyle, traditionally serving as an extension of the...
In Scarpa and Brook' own house, they’ve mounted luminous solar panels in a rusted-steel-beam grid to form a modernist...
The Damianos’ house, located in Denver’s Highland neighborhood, runs completely on solar...
Rising high above booming Edmonton, this multi-hued penthouse has the best view in the province.
Arranged and slotted together like a tidy row of Legos, the IJsselstein housing project reflects typical Dutch...
The Casa Cuatro sits above a 180-foot cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
The sun shines over the meadow on the backside of Kuczia’s carbon-saving creation, whose central atrium contains the...
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