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SoCal Living: Arrested Development Inspo


The dysfunctional Bluth Family had many unique homes. The "Sudden Valley" model home and our matriarch, Lucille's, Newport penthouse are the family's more traditional residences. The Mexican border sweat lodge, family yacht, and the holiday cabin all serve as their more memorable dwellings.

Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything. And the one son who had no choice but to keep them all...
Who said an attic should only be for storage? The Bluth family shows us that the attic can double as living quarters.
Here's another attic suite: a peaceful and minimalist space.
The Bluth family spend a lot of time in their model-home-mini-mansion.
Various groupings of succulents were planted to accent and obscure the home's relationship to its surrounding...
Pictured here are Bluth brothers, Micheal and Gob, enjoying the warm hospitality and comfortable furnishings of their...
In the living room, there's a black leather Le Corbusier lounge and a Minotti sofa set.
Cabins are definitely having a moment, and who else but the Bluth family would be up on that trend? Here, Lindsay and...
It takes three to five days to install a Vipp Shelter onsite.
It's not all log cabins and penthouses for the Bluth family.
The family yacht, lovingly name "Lucille", is also the primary residence of Gob Bluth.
For a client in Fano, Italy, Decq clad the deck of the Wally Esense yacht in teak and added built-in furnishings.