Collection by Jaime Gillin

Snøhetta Curates Nordic Design


"Nordic Models + Common Ground: Art and Design Unfolded" recently opened at New York's Scandinavia House. Curated by Snøhetta, the Oslo-based architecture firm recently selected by SFMOMA to design their upcoming expansion, the exhibition culls a slew of contemporary works—architecture, product design, art, fashion, graphic design, and photography—by 35 emerging and established Scandinavian designers and artists. The range of work on view is compellingly varied, from Icelandic lamps made out of dried codfish to a Danish apartment building shaped like a mountain. Here's a sampling.

Carbon-fiber 'Spun Chair' by Mathias Bengtsson of Denmark, 2002. Photo by Jeppe Gudmundsen Holmgreen.
'Lava Flower,' by Studiobility/Guðrún Lilja Gunnlaugsdóttir of Iceland, 2008, made of water-jet-cut volcanic lava.
'Butterfly Disguise II' necklace, by Liv Blåvarp of Norway, 2009.
'Kirnu,' Finland's 2010 Shanghai Expo Pavilion designed by JKMM. Photo by Derryck Menere.
'Uggi Light,' made out of dried codfish by Fanney Antonsdóttir and Dögg Guðmundsdóttir of Iceland, 2001.
'Powered by Nature,' Norway's 2010 Shanghai Expo Pavilion, designed by Helen and Hard. Photo by John E. Kroll.
Night shot of daylight entrance, Stockholm, 2010. Photo by Kalle Sanner and Daniel Rybakken of Norway.
'The Black Bay Sequence,' silent video by Elina Brotherus of Finland, 2010.
8 House, Apartment Building, Copenhagen, 2009, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group of Denmark. Photo by Ty Stange.
Façade design for Teacher House, Oslo, Norway, 2009, designed by Jorunn Sannes, Element Architects.
Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Svalbard, Norway, 2007. Designed by BC Arkitektur Barlindhaug Consult A.S. of Norway and...
Bagley Classroom Building, University of Minnesota-Duluth, 2010, designed by David Salmela, a Finnish-American.