Collection by Alexander George

Smart Kitchen Scale Is The New Food Journal


If the glut of fitness trackers available on the market is any indication, measurements and numbers motivate people. That fact works well for activity and movement, which can be easily monitored using accelerometers, but there hasn’t yet been an elegant solution for logging food consumption, a far greater factor in overall health. We’ve been mostly limited to elegant text-input food journals, which feel tedious and imprecise next to the dynamic graphs produced by fitness trackers. The Escali kitchen scale aims to take some of the tedium out of that process. It also integrates with the UP by Jawbone system, so nutrition information collected from the scale can be used for better body tracking all around. Available for $99.95.

When you place your food on the scale, it interacts via Bluetooth with the app to let you select the item.
The scale will handle up to 11 pounds of foodstuffs. The top is glass, so it can be wiped down clean after weigh-ins.
The app has a database of approximately 8,000 different food items.
When it analyzes food, it comes up with a full page of nutrition facts with info like sodium and saturated fat.

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