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Smart Attractive Ways to Store Your Bike Indoors


Keeping your bike outside leaves it prone to theft, even if you lock it up. And if you live in a smaller space, without giant closets, a garage or a basement, then you'll need to keep your bike somewhere inside your home. Your living space doesn't need to look and feel cluttered with your two-wheeled ride standing awkwardly against the wall. Here are five smart and attractive ways to store your bike in your home.

Board By Design's handmade shelf lets you hang your bike by its saddle, handling any and all bike shapes and sizes.
Proudly display your bike with Thomas Walde's Shoes Books and a Bike, a sturdy shelving unit with plenty of space.
This smart metal rack mounts on a wall and holds your bike by the frame, plus has hooks for all of your accompanying...
Public Bikes' Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand is perfect for when you have more than one bike and are short on...
Get meta with the Trophy hanger, a bike rack made of bike parts.
It doesn't get much simpler than The (Original) Bike Shelf from Knife and Saw...