Collection by Sara Ost

Small Kitchens Big on Style


Living large in a small space? We've got loads of inspiration to help you make the most of it. From smart counter storage solutions to great appliances designed for small kitchens, to the inviting modern kitchens featured here, we've got you covered in the cocina.

Because their loft is a rental, the residents of this home built everything to be removable.
Perhaps the most liberating move in this creative New York apartment design was to flip the position of the...
How is a 921-square-foot, 44-level house possible? Witness Tokyo architect Akihisa Hirata’s mind-bending,...
Rolling up the sleeves done right! Dishes rest atop a shelf made from a type of textured lumber typically used for...
In this collection of smart designs for lofts, we check out the very clever, storage-minded kitchen shown here.