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Small footprint

The façade is wrapped in 3-millimeter-thick silicon impregnated fiberglass fabric.
10 Kit Home Companies to Watch
In the past, talk of a kit-built house would sometimes conjure images of a tumble-down, rustic timber cabin.
B&B Italia Outdoor’s Canasta sofa, by Patricia Urquiola, shares a shady patch in the ground-floor Carnegie Hill garden...
The family retreat abuts a rocky cliff in Herfell, Norway.
A basic box that’s as tall as it is wide (28 feet) and 16 feet long, this Portland, Oregon house consists of rooms...
The home is a customized version of the Method Homes Elemental 1 model from Method Homes and totals 825 square feet.
Inexpensive but sturdy James Hardie lap siding was used on the exterior.
Rahman did her own landscaping in the garden outside her house.
Scott Pitek designed this gabled structure for Betty Rahman on a 5,000-square-foot lot in Portland, Oregon.
Standout in a Crowd
In architecturally conservative San Francisco, this house built on a 20-foot-wide lot proves that modern design can fit—literally...