Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Small Beach Houses We Love


These seven properties show that when it comes to vacations homes, less can certainly be more.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom create the sensation of being outside, as if the entire house is one platform...
Because the ocean is so close to the house, the Fisher family treats the beach like an extended backyard.
Once a classic trailer-park scheme of mint green and white, the exterior of Commune Images owner Sofie Howard’s...
Architect Mary Ann Schicketanz created a 1,900-square-foot home in Big Sur, California, that hugs its hillside site.
It was the surf and the artsy vibe that attracted Eric Grunbaum to Venice Beach, California, 18 years ago.
Minimalist Matt Jacobson's Manhattan Beach home of just under 900 square feet was calculated and constructed to serve...
Despite the 1,900 square feet limit architect Cass Calder Smith faced in its renovation, this Stinson Beach, California...