Collection by Zachary Edelson

Slate Stone Designs in Modern Homes


From roofs to countertops to floors and more, slate is an durable and waterproof stone. Through freezing cold or baking heat, slate roofs can go centuries with little maintenance needed. Like any natural stone, it also has very low embodied energy, making it quite eco-friendly.

The new cabins reduce the key form of the Cape Cod–style structures found on the campus.
The upstairs master bath is dark slate tiles, red walls, and gold vintage accents.
The framed aluminum of the corner window by Natralight breaks up the roof of recycled slate tiles, which is entirely of...
The kitchen features custom casework by Peter Doolittle, dark-green slate countertops from Hamilton-Schwarzhoff, and a...
Vermont slate covers the area around the True North wood stove.
Roberts found the Montauk black slate, which he continued in a second bath.