Collection by Zachary Edelson

Slab Tables from Around the World


Despite its simplicity, the timber slab table offers infinite combinations of texture, luster, and rich earthy hues. These six examples, taken from across the globe, explore the many ways designers, craftsmen, and homeowners produce their monolithic tabletops.

The dining table, made from a single piece of teak, is a little over 13 feet long and was custom made for the space.
Cal and Macy enjoy a snack from Mom at the almost 14-foot-long walnut slab table sourced from Arborica in Marshall,...
A massive slab of cypress perched atop sawhorses provides storage for pots and utensils.
Buser made the dining table which is surrounded by Chair 611s by Alvar Aalto for Artek.
The custom table was inspired by a piece of wood the clients discovered themselves.
Portland-based workshop Made crafted a slab table for this striking oceanside Oregon retreat.