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Sweet Skid


Inspiration for my industrial apartment and office in Downtown Los Angeles.

Images by Raw Color hang in a room upstairs.
There are three styles of rugs, this is a collection of the round weave design.
One Room Apartment, Berlin.
Each chair has a distinct personality. Inspired by the visual devices typically used in Manga, no two chairs are alike.
Grand Teton National Park designed by Kelcey...
“I really liked the idea of rug you can lean against; it makes the room into more a landscape.” Pictured here is an eye...
A good combination of two rugs can be better than one, so don't be afraid to mix and match.
The kitchen shelves are organized with clinical precision.
The home of Axel van...
"99 percent of the miniatures featured in the book were made painstakingly with hand tools: Xacto knives, sandpaper,...
Norwegian duo Anderssen & Voll plays with a classic Erik Jørgensen design in their new sofa for the Danish brand.