Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Sixty Restaurant & Bar and Sushibaba Sushi Bar in Moscow


Situated on the 62nd floor of Moscow's Federatsia Building, the Sixty Restaurant and Bar, which shares a space with Sushibaba Sushi Bar, offers what many would call the best view of the city. But the restaurant's interior, designed by 28-year-old designer Yuna Megre's up and coming design firm Megre Interiors, competes with the Moscow skyline.

The restaurant's light-soaked foyer features corrugated metal walls and an obelisk-like, marble front desk.
Plush orange chairs pop in this corner of the dining room, pulling the room's steel and blue grey tones into a...
In this more central portion of the dining area, nature rises to new heights.
Those who turn their eyes inwards are greeted by the bar's mirrored surface.