Collection by Eujin Rhee

Shot by Jonas von der Hude


Born in Lübeck, Germany and currently based in Hamburg, photographer Jonas von der Hude has been snap, snap, snapping away. Previously trained in all things carpentry, design, and photography, von der Hude now dedicates his time as a freelance photographer. Neon colors, strategically placed objects, and graceful proportions fill each take. Herewith, a few selects from his portfolio thus far.

A pleasantly-hued still life collaboration with stylist Irina Graewe for Better Living.
In collaboration with Wolfram Neugebauer, von der Hude shot various paintings and illustrations against a partially...
A modern Mad Hatter scene complete with oversized origami cranes and a mixture of different chairs.
A color-swatched calendar, in collaboration with Ann-Kathrin Roebuck for Living at Home.
A neon green exposed frame houses various wooden furniture. In collaboration with Bettina Eulenburg for Better Living.
Fluorescent colors on both ends of the spectrum light up this living room scene.
A collected bevy of brightly-colored objects such as HAY's Kaleido Trays lay smooth on a neon blue surface.
A trio of pastel colored pendants hang above wooden dining furniture inside Harvest.