Collection by Kelsey Keith

Shop We Love: Present & Correct


A back to school vibe isn't just for kids. Peruse these modern office sundries courtesy of British design shop Present & Correct.

And what better time to visit than during September's London Design Festival? Shop Present & Correct online, or at their bricks-and-mortar space in the Clerkenwell section of London at 23 Arlington Way. You cal also get the lastest updates via the shop's Twitter feed, @presentcorrect.

Metal desk boxes from Present & Correct, available in a set of two (either aubergine/lemon or mint/forest) for £27.50.
This nifty notebook sports subtle patterns on its page celebrating all things brick.
Rulers: not totally outdated if you fancy meticulous penmanship, or crafting.
The Eraser Pick & Mix from Present & Correct is a grab bag for your desktop—select between 3 and 12 and you'll get a...
Is there anything more tactile and pleasing than a pair of really sharp scissors cutting through paper? Wethinks not.
Present & Correct has resurrected some vintage deadstock in the form of this plastic desktop wedge organizer (£45).
Back to school means new notebooks.
Simple yet effective maple-and-brass tape dispenser, £25 from Present & Correct.
These little holders are a slim as the card pockets glued into library books--only they hold your credit cards, not...
Cantilevered desk tray in untreated oak wood, £95 at Present & Correct, has one for in, one for out, and one for...