Collection by Marianne Colahan

Shop Inhabitat’s Favorite Products in the Dwell Store


Inhabitat’s founder Jill Fehrenbacher has shopped the Dwell Store to pick her favorite items. With a focus on green design innovation and forward-thinking design, Fehrenbacher has selected products created from natural and quality materials, repurposed items, and classic design items. Explore her complete collection here, and be sure to check out the Inhabitat and Dwell Store giveaway for a chance to win an amazing package of design products from the Dwell Store.

Of the Vitra Cork Stool, Jill Fehrenbacher says, “Jasper Morrison's timeless cork stool has long been an Inhabitat...
The Boskke Planters—available in a single cube and three-cube versions—are transparent, self-watering planters.
Also from Boskke, the Sky Planter contains a self-watering mechanism to keep the plant healthy, while suspended from...
The Follow Me Portable Lamp from Marset is another one of Fehrenbacher's favorites.
The Soft Map City Quilts from Emily Fischer and Haptic Lab are innovative blankets.
The Totem Candles are handcrafted on a lathe from 100 percent USA beeswax.