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Shedding a New 'Lightt' on Photography


The new app Lightt puts a spin on sharing your life moments. By capturing short video clips and highlights, it mixes short video clips into highlight reels. The beauty of Lightt is its creative potential. Rather than being limited to a single frame, users are able to capture that single frame through multiple angles, providing an artistic sharing and viewing experience.

Viewing a demo with the Lightt team recently, the first thing we noticed about Lightt is its clean presentation and...
You have the choice of cycling through your stored highlights, highlights of those you follow and the featured (most...
"Lightt makes it extremely simple to visually capture both the beauty as well as the emotion of any moment, and...
To make your own highlights, launch the camera.
"The magic of Lightt is that highlights connect together automatically and then play back faster than life, so they...
The app hit the market on October 17. While the product is still young, Lightt has had early success with over 15,000...
In a sea of photo sharing apps out there, Lightt touts a distinct feel and ease of use.
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