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Shasta Winter Cement Tile, 8"x9" Hexagon


Shasta Winter, an authentic cement tile in a hexagonal shape, creates a graphic daisy floral design across your surface. The colors in this pattern include white, and two shades of grey. Visit our website at or call us at 951-781-3000.

Cement tiles are durable and easy to maintain, and can be installed on floors, walls or countertops, indoors or outdoors. Tiles are hand-pressed and the color forms a layer that penetrates the top quarter inch of the tile. 2.7 tiles are needed to cover each square foot, and we recommend that you order 10% more than is needed to cover your surface. Tesselle tiles are very precise in exterior dimension, which allow for grout lines as narrow as 1/16". Please have your professional installer review the Tesselle installation and care instructions before beginning your project.

Due to their hand-made nature, no two tiles will be identical, and there will be slight color and pattern variations from tile to tile, and may experience color change over time when exposed to UV light.

Shasta Winter was designed by Karin Jeske, and is available exclusively from Tesselle.

Shasta Winter in a repeating layout covering a 32"x32" surface.
Shasta Winter Cement...
Shasta Winter in a random layout creates a myriad of unique daisies across your surface.

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