Collection by Jeonghwa Seo

Self Supporting Tent


Self supporting tent (2009) with Youngshin Sim as a director of the project.
This is a tent along with a sleeping bag. It can be easily built using a plastic sheet which is the main material used. It can be distributed to every household to prepare any kind of disaster or construction.

It is easy and simple to set up without using extra poles to maintain the structure.

Materials: Plastic sheets, Zippers and Velcro tapes are the only materials used for the tent. The plastic sheet can be found in any local area in any part of the world. It is fairly inexpensive and water proof.

Climate response: The tent is design to be used for temporary period. It should be used in initial stage of emergency relief. As a temporary use, it can protect users from heat and cold. Especially, the cold from the floor which can be blocked.

The flooring is design to minimize sand penetration.

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