Collection by Sara Carpenter

Seismic Shifts at The National Academy


An exhibition currently on view at the National Academy Museum in New York, Seismic Shifts, explores paradigmatic shifts in modern culture. Featuring paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, video, and architectural models from ten multi-disciplinary artists including Nick Cave, Tom Friedman, Wangechi Mutu, Betye Saar, and architects Greg Lynn, Kate Orff, and Moshe Sadie, the show highlights their contributions to society through personal investigations, innovation, and exploration of contemporary issues in their work. Each work shows a change in perspective in contemporary society across a variety of themes ranging from the political and social to the environmental and cultural. The show runs through May 5, 2013. More information can be found here. Click through for a closer look at some of the game-changing works on display at Seismic Shifts.

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