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Seinfood Posters


No Soup for You, the marble rye, Junior Mints in the operating theater, Kenny Roger's chicken, Mackinaw peaches, the big salad. Seinfeld never skimped on the food jokes, and a new show of 20 prints entitled "Seinfood" by the artist Rinee Shah, celebrates the best ones. "Seinfood" is up now at the San Francisco kitchenwares store Pot+Pantry through March 10th. "I didn't really have an exact direction I wanted to go in," she told me, "but then I remembered an old idea I had about making Seinfeld posters and it suddenly all came together. I tried to hit the sweet spot of referencing the show enough for fans to get it but still be enjoyable if you've never seen an episode." The prints are available at Pot+Pantry as well as online here. They're sweeter than a chocolate babka.

Monk's Cafe, maybe the most famous generic diner facade in human history.
George's fantasy was finally realized in the episode The Blood: watching TV, eating salted cured meats, and having sex…
Perhaps the greatest thing George ever did for the Yankees front office was to introduce the eating of candy with a…
The line that Kramer got in a Woody Allen film became the rallying cry for the entire episode: "These pretzels are…
The line that prompted George's storied zinger: "The Jerk Store called and they're running out of you."
Why don't they call it Roundtine?
Artist Rinee Shah created a series of graphic posters inspired by Seinfeld's many food jokes, like a combination…
The marble rye might be my favorite of all of Shah's prints.
The black and white cookie, symbol of racial friendship, turned out to be "like David Duke and Farrakhan" in Jerry's…
Kramer loved his Beef-A-Reeno until he started feeding it to Rusty, the horse that pulled the hansom cab he was driving…
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