Collection by Andrea Smith

See-Through Homes


Openings align at either end of these transparent homes.

The house may appear conventional at a glance, but a closer look shows how Oostenbruggen has pushed the boundaries of...
Sage Design Studios transformed the developer-flattened landscape into a picturesque desert setting with naturalistic...
Architect Tadashi Murai designed this remote retreat for a Tokyo transplant who abandoned his corporate existence.
The Casa Cuatro sits above a 180-foot cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
Photo courtesy Reinhold Andris Office, Walddorfhäslach.
The fold-out wall allows lake access from the living room.
The engawa deck is a traditional Japanese feature.
Mechanical engineer Jan Moolsintong and industrial designer Peter Russell-Clarke get epic views of San Francisco from...
The architect incorporated a central courtyard in the house, an unusual but intelligent design response for the region...
Two linked 1,000-square-foot pavilions are greater than a sum of their parts.
“Segovia is a very central region, but an underdeveloped one,” de la Quadra-Salcedo says.
“I love being close to the water.