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Courtyard House, Location: Somers Victoria Australia, Architect: Rowan Opat .Evolving from the notion of a series of...
A food-service area with a bar is a defining feature.
The top floor of the two-story, 1,614-square-foot abode barely pokes above the rocky hillside it’s built into.
Glass sliding doors allow the living and dining areas to open up to the garden, so that the family can easily entertain.
The steel shading structure and massive concrete foundation help keep the home’s temperature a comfortable 70 degrees.
With its expansive, geometric design and wide concrete-slab walkways, the enclosed central courtyard around which the...
Ever aware of context, architect Henry Siegel says of his house, “A lot of architects’ buildings look better on a...
In the winter, radiant heating keeps the house cozy while reducing the costs and the pollutants associated with...
The original design did not exploit the lower part of the house, so Carle added a bar and lounge area facing the lake...
Doors and triple-glazed casement windows from Loewen work hard to form a tight thermal envelope.
The 925-square-foot house Maggie Treanor calls home blends into the landscape somewhat; with a galvanized steel shed...
A galvanized standing seam metal roof reflects about 90 percent of sunlight and heat, keeping the home cool.
Whitlock’s window frames are accented with Benjamin Moore’s Electric Orange ($6.50 per pint).
The house's triangular shape effectively blocks sight of a large wall that stands nearby.
The back of the house includes areas to garden and a...
The house cantilevers slightly over a concrete wall, adding a touch of lightness and drama to its approach.
Sky-high ceilings are created by a sculptural pitched roof.
Lean Machine-Architect Jesper Brask waited three years studying the site of his future vacation home before building,...
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