Collection by Zachary Edelson

Sculptural Freestanding Fireplaces


The fireplace isn't just a heat source: it's an opporunity to anchor a room with rich materials, sculptural forms, or even bright colors.

In the winter, the cylindrical fireplace in the central living area was always ready for a fire.
The architects specified fir wood to encase the windows and impart a warm ochre to the house’s otherwise industrial...
This house is also set within rustic settings - a Norwegian forest - but its firepalce has a more refined palette:...
In the upper-level seating area, an Ergofocus fireplace is flanked by a pair of leather armchairs designed by Navone...
The Cube from Spark Modern Fires ($5,900) offers a striking freestanding option.
To avoid a space-hogging fireplace, Johnson recommended a Bathyscafocus by Focus Creations.
The team’s design philosophy was “not to have too many ideas,” and instead focus on a few key aesthetic moves that...

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