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Schoolhouse Electric Spring 2017 Collection


After what has felt like a never-ending winter, Schoolhouse is celebrating the brightness of Spring with some fresh new items. The reoccurring theme for this spring can be best summed up as "optimistic" - coupled with a healthy dose of gratitude, a desire to celebrate the small and find tiny bits of joy.

Every Day Beautiful captures this essence of the Spring Collection, thanks to the beautiful design work of Anthony...
Spring is a time to clear your clutter, and your mind, and look forward to all that the coming year has.
New enamelware, linens, and living room essentials capture the cool, vibrant moods of this Spring.
New Kitchen items are ready to prepare the meal you've always dreamed about with close family and friends.
The new Spring pieces from Schoolhouse are filled with bright, vibrant, and energizing colors.
New posters and fresh linens are ready to liven up your family space and captivate the imaginations of children and...