Collection by Dillon Chen

New Design Layouts

Speaking to his original design, architect Saul Zaik says, “We were really just building boxes with a bunch of windows...
Though the fire pit was “kind of an after-thought,” says Hannah, the family uses it year-round.
The exposed concrete in the living room of a Sea Ranch, California home brings out the warmth of the plywood ceilings...
Three-year-old Ran Sugiura peers out the front door of her Tokyo home, a concept-driven yet surprisingly livable piece...
The "stage" allows for optimal light and viewing conditions.
In the foreground are Float beanbag chairs and poufs from Paola Lenti.
The open kitchen and dining area of Romero and Bradford’s LV Home is flooded with natural light.
An imaginary axis divides the floor plan down the middle, with the open plan living room and kitchen to the south and...

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