Collection by Zachary Edelson

Saunas in Modern Homes


Whether it's to avoid the winter cold or just unwind, the sauna is the ideal retreat.

A sauna is an optional feature. Cedar and concrete create a recurring visual theme from the exterior to the interior.
Sævik designed the wood tub in the bathroom, which features an adjacent sauna. The Inxx A5 faucet is by Mora.
The sauna is a decidedly Scandinavian touch.
The ground-floor sauna, one of the home’s central gathering spots, is built from stained alder.
The renovated house is outfitted with a sauna.
The sauna door handle is a simple piece of driftwood.
On the shores of New Zealand’s Lake Wakatipu, architects Bronwen Kerr and Pete Ritchie designed a relaxed family home...