Collection by Luke Hopping

Rosy Design Flourishes We Love


Our passion for these seven red accents burns hot.

“In the colder months we snuggle up in front of the wood stove and look out to the adjoining farms,”...
The client wanted to be able to prepare meals efficiently.
The stairwell is the bright core of the house. To keep an open feeling, and costs down, it zigzags its way up....
Built around the twin trunks of a maple tree, the Campbells’ outdoor deck provides tranquil views of the lake and a...
A pair of LC2 chairs by Le Corbusier are ideal spots for watching the river down below.
Moe stands in front of the circular opening between the living area and the sleeping/bath quarters.
By inserting a tunnel made from 36 reclaimed commercial doors and tearing down a handful of walls, LOT-EK and...

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