Collection by Jami Smith

Room to Shelf


Whether or not space is an issue in your home, it's always a good idea to get organized with smart shelving units. We've rounded up a handful of creative shelving and storage ideas to effortlessly open up space in any room. For nine more storage solutions, click here.

This open, cubby-like shelving unit is great for both storage and display, with wheels and twelve spacious openings.
This tall hand-welded steel room divider can be used as either a room divider or bookcase.
Dieter Rams designed Vitsoe's classic universal shelving system in 1960, and now you can buy a simple starter...
This white hi-gloss lacquered scoreboard bookcase is composed of five staggering shelves, which provides instant...
These modular Moni and Moni-K shelves, are composed of two-milimeter-thick steel plates, folded at right angles.
This original laser-cut-powder-coated steel Piegato shelf was released in 2007.
This sleek oak attaché bookcase and shelving unit by Philadelphia-based designers Lostine makes a subtle statement with...