Collection by Andrea Smith

Rooftop Oases


Get your daily dose of design-envy with these sky-high sanctuaries.

The architects discreetly sunk a pool into the roof terrace of the old corral.
A rooftop oasis furthers the outdoor connection.
A view over the lap pool and roof deck, which provides a respite for the couple, shows the dense beachside neighborhood.
Architect Don Dimster integrated a new roof deck and custom furnishings into Chris and Marjorie Rice’s 1960s Buff,...
“Tel Aviv is different from the rest of Israel.
The roof deck of Kogan's Cube House offers a spectacular view of the sun.
The rooftop courtyard is lined with a verdant mix of indigenous plants, including banana trees, palm trees, lion’s...
The rooftop is wired for a solar farm, but they are waiting for better prices and tax breaks before investing.