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The original portion of this 1930's River Oaks residence is being preserved, but completely renovated, with a large modern addition in the rear. With a relatively small lot, the design takes full advantage of all available property. Covered parking is moved to the center shortening the drive and providing full turn-a-round on site. The new common Kitchen and Breakfast area links the existing front house with the new two story addition, and provides separation between the covered parking and long side yard and pool. All private activities are located on the second floors in both buildings, while public activities are limited to the first floor. Guest quarters are located in the new addition at the rear of the property for privacy.

The existing brick colonial is complemented with a new load bearing masonry addition with thickened masonry walls and brick interiors. New modern windows are raw metal and set deeper into the facade with large divided panels of glass. Precast concrete lintels above windows in the new addition contrast the masonry lintels on the existing house.

A transitional space provides visual separation between the original house and the modern addition with clear frameless glazing for natural light and landscape views as one enters the new central Common area. Parallel masonry planes restrict views outward towards landscaped side yards and pool deck.

The new two story 'box' with flat roof and parapet distinguishes itself from the original colonial 'box' with existing shallow pitch hip roof without eaves. The central link has a flat roof with large overhangs to shade the covered parking and pool deck. A new standing seam metal roof covers the existing hip roof and matches the clear anodized aluminum widow frames and fascia on the new addition.