Collection by Aaron Britt

Reveal: Studio Gang Architects


At Dwell we've long been fans of the Chicago architecture firm Studio Gang Architects. Headed up by the nation's fastest rising female architect Jeanne Gang, the company is responsible not just for a number of very fine houses, but the new Aqua Tower in Chicago as well. On the heels of such success comes a book about Studio Gang's work titled Reveal: Studio Gang Architects. The book is out now from Princeton Architectural Press, and we've got a preview of what's inside. It's a mix of individual projects, models, and points of inspiration and offers a peek inside the process of a very exciting group of architects indeed. And be sure to dig the hot design by Elizabeth Azen.

The cover of the book, Reveal: Studio Gang Architects.
Studio Gang's Brickweave house appeared in the October 09 issue of Dwell.
The book has a number of fold-out newsprint pages that serve as histories that explore past places, ideas, and events...
Maisonette is a residence Studio Gang completed in Chicago in 2009.
One element I like about this book is that as much attention is paid to research and documentation as architecture.
These pages show some 93 species of birds who died from collisions with glass in Toronto.
A fitting epigram for an architect, but for Studio Gang in particular: Gathering is the beginning of nest making.
A look at the falsework and construction of the Marble Curtain Studio Gang installed at the National Building Museum in...
A light interior at Studio Gang HQ.
Another day at the Studio Gang office.
The creative spaces inside the Studio Gang office.
A glimpse of the models that Studio Gang uses to achieve their designs.
Drawings that went into the making of the SOS Children's Village in Chicago.
This pair of maps associated with the SOS Children's Village project finds a correlation between ethnic demography and...
Here we see workers pouring the walls that came to form the SOS Children's Village.