Collection by Zachary Edelson

Retro Trailers for the Modern Road Trip


From renovated Airstreams to retro-styled contemporary trailers, these designs revitalize the road trip.

The Airstream is tucked into the back garden of a Berkeley co-op.
The materials palette that I chose is light in color with a few splashes of color.
In early May, I headed down to Texas to report the October 2011 issue Off the Grid story about a sustainable home in...
While the front, kitchen-end of the camper is all action, the back half is about rest and relaxation.
The jaunty boat-like shell of the Hütte Hut began with a case study undertaken by Brian and Katrina Manzo, a...
The interior - which is a mere 44 square feet - glows with sunlight thanks to its translucent fabric skin.
With a last minute deadline, architect Burton Baldridge transformed a decaying trailer into a modern green home for...
The long sofa, bar, and television were obvious choices for a pre-show hangout, but how to achieve the continuous curve...
The Leaf House is a lightweight, mobile trailer that was carefully engineered to weigh less than 5,000 pounds.
Herbert used laminate bamboo flooring inside the Leaf House.

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