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Restaurante El Puntal


For this restaurant specialized in typical food from the north of Spain —Santander to be precise— the interior design project was done to praise all the elements that characterize this area and its delicious food. The name comes from the famous sea arm considered to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The sea, its activity and of course the delicious fruits that come from it were the inspiration elements to shape this space maintaining a concurrent and cosmopolitan language.

The movement on the plafond emulates the waves swing and the lamps represent the rain drops that are always present in this area of Cantabria. The color and texture accent was done in the walls in the opposite ends that frame the staircase that goes to the wine cellar and the first level. Porcelain and look alike wood stones were used for the floors and some covering, as well as a big plate of copper that reminds the boats, very important in this region.