Collection by Zachary Edelson

Renovations That Salvage Construction Materials From Old Homes


British writer Stewart Brand famously said each part of a building has a lifespan: its decays, degrades, or becomes unnecessary. He advocated designs that were simple and easy to modify; residents and architects could easily replace elements as they decayed or turned useless. Similarly, we can lessen our environmental impact by salvaging and re-using healthy materials from buildings that have failed.

When the plan to add a second story to a century-old Montreal house crumbled due to a weak foundation, architect...
The architects divided the home into separate floors for sleeping, living, and working.
The house features materials, cabinetry, and plants salvaged from homes slated to be demolished.
The kitchen also displays a reliance on natural materials and soft colors.
The renovated attic is oriented around a central volume that houses the bathroom.
The metal used for the railing and wood for the stair treads in the hall were saved from destruction and reused.