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Sustainability in Stages
"Personally, I’d rather be living outside,” says architect David Hertz.
A spacious deck was created as part of the addition.
Once through the street-level entrance, the property's modern garage door comes into view.
A polychrome facade made of salvaged, 100-year-old barnwood gives this small, lofted cottage space its unique character.
The exterior mixes pale gray wood on the vertical volume, and fiber cement and black brick on the horiztonal volume.
Warm and casual furniture is favored in the courtyard.
The blue bathroom tiles were inspired by a “Corbusian use of color,” according to the architect, and take advantage of...
Home Renovation Tip: Decide on a Sensible Scope of...
Redesigning the cramped bathroom was one of the project’s biggest challenges.
Chicago architect Brad Lynch demolished the 1940s bungalow he’d been sharing with his family for nearly two decades,...
Berkus has gone through over 1,000 renovations in his career and has learned some key design lessons along the way.