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Renovate home by remodeling Basement to a Bedroom


You must have thought many times to put your basement for some better use than keeping it just as a dumping ground. The best idea is to convert it to a cozier bedroom from a colder nondescript space. This extra bedroom would give you multiple options to it use as a guest room, children’s room or for any income backed rental purpose. Getting a tenant for this is easy nowadays with many websites around to find a good tenant. Now if your mind is positive on this home repair, then just check some tips of carving a bedroom out of the basement.

• Water inundation issue- The foremost issue with the basements often seen is the water flooding issue. As rainwater or molten snow finds the way in the basement because of the slope. Get that gradient changed so that the water is diverted from there. Mostly it is seen sump pump gets more water than it could handle to pump the water out. So, upgrading your sump pump is one better idea. Also, make ceiling, wall, and floor of the basement waterproof by applying a coat of concrete sealer.

• Dehumidifier will help- Another issue of damp and moisture filled air is a matter of concern. Install a dehumidifier, that will help you in keeping that damp, stale, and stuffy air off. Getting a new or used dehumidifier is simple idea as this small gadget will carry out a bigger job.

• A good design will be the game changer- You should be creative while designing this special room. You can make it special and comfortable by meticulously designing every detail. Start from dimensions, as it depends on how much square area of the basement you can use for the bedroom. Plan nicely every nook and corner for small details in décor. The basements primarily are not designed for living area, so there are many pipes, open beams, and pillars that need to be covered in some creative way for better utilization.

• Safety features- The health security aspect is very important as this being a basement, there are no regular windows or proper ventilation. Install a fire alarm, carbon dioxide detector, and do some Radon test with the home test kit. The possibility of Radon can be through cement. Testing for Radon is important as it is odorless and chemically inert, can only be detected by the tests. Also get a home test for mold, more so, when you have had flooding issues. Also, check for accessibility of escape routes from the basement.
• Warm up the area- This mainly applies to colder areas where winters can be problematic. It may not be a bright idea to heat the basement, but the bedroom can be heated with the space heaters without any issue. You must check insulation and upgrade it if needed.

The final touch with good lighting and ‘warm’ paint can enhance the bedroom into visibly a highly livable area. This is important to have natural lights in the basement. You can install bigger horizontal ventilators with toughened glasses if enough light is not there.

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