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Renegade Jewelry (and more!)


The ever-awesome Renegade Craft Fair touched down at Fort Mason in San Francisco last weekend, and the place was predictably chock-full of handcrafted brilliance. Walking through the aisles, I was struck by two thoughts: boy, do I want to make more things, and wow, do I want to buy a lot of stuff here. Check out the picks from my Renegade partner-in-crime, Dwell's assistant editor Diana, and click through the slideshow to see my favorite finds (a lot of which is jewelry! Lots of great jewelry this year!).

Only a few steps into Fort Mason and I spotted these lovely porcelain necklaces.
Oh wow, did I love the goodies on display at the Heyday Design booth.
Accessories aren't just for ladies.
Stone & Honey was totally on top of the delicate-geometric-patterned-trend with these asymmetrical gold pendants.
Have a gander at these hot studs! Lots of little posts on display from Isobell Jewelry.
A bounty of bangles from Voz Clothing and Art. Neon is back, people! Embrace it. These are beyond awesome.
Molly McGrath—aka Molly M Designs—has added a touch of color to her laser-cut jewelry.
We Are Brainstorm had a great collection of posters, including this one showing Earth right down to its colorful core.
This ceramic chicken has a bit of an Egyptian look which I was strangely drawn to. The Ranch Design Group had some...
I actually did this a few years ago, so I bought this card from Paper Pastries.
I'm not in the market for dolls these days, but I'll be damned if these plush gals from goodbyebluemonday weren't...
It takes a mix of four different colored dyes for the gals at Bellingham, Washington's Spincycle Yarns to get this...
It's blurry, but this is a cute print from El Lohse Illustration of Charles, Ray, and an Eames Rocker.
There's something about the way this bear embraces his state that just truly tugs at the heartstrings.
I am a sucker for ceramics, and the big, bold florals on this collection from Dahlhaus stood out.
Fort Mason, the venue for the SF Renegade Fair, sits right on the bay.
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