Collection by Kelsey Keith

Remarkable Mid-Century Modern Updates


If you're lucky enough to own a home with "Neutra bones," here are six examples of how to update the mid-century feel for modern living.

“The site drops away dramatically beneath the living room,” homeowner Craig Bassam notes.
Inside the home green and blue are used for the bathroom block, dark brown for the sliding door, and orange for the...
Lloyd-Butler’s second-floor office in the old house, which connects to the addition via the frosted-glass bridge.
Hût Architecture remade this 4,500-square-foot mid-century bungalow, nicknamed Starvecrow Cottage, by retaining the...
Separated only by large expanses of glass, the interior and exterior landscape flow together.
The Pfeiffers' furnishings tend to be of two stripes: flea-market treasures or prototypes and castoffs of Eric's design...