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Remarkable Apartments


I’m sure they’re lovely on the inside.

Where the faux, derivative downtown sidewalk ends...
Chimney Mansards are the new black.
When they said 20% off the roof I didn't think they meant literally.
Many Many Mini Mansards... Well, Spanards actually.
Brick Shit...
The tenants in the basement must put off a lot of heat to need that kind of chimney.
Nice hat.
Brutalist... but not in a good way.
Not a real mansard... more of a mansham.
Suggested Hashtags: #mockrocked #frock (faux rock)...
Asym-Mansard with remarkable extra long railings.
Cambell's condensed apartments are Mmm Mmm...
Putting the Faac in façade.
Nothing Rhymes With Mansard.
Post Pachyderm.
Putting the ass in asymmetrical.
Welcome to the all-you-can-architect buffet.

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