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Redwood Deck, California


A large home in the hills of Healdsburg, California recently received a backyard facelift with the installation of a beautiful redwood deck. Featuring ample seating and a beautiful view over the valley below, the redwood deck and pool area is the ideal spot to enjoy life in wine country. In the mild Northern California climate, this custom redwood deck complements warm summer days spent by the pool, firing up the grill, or watching the sunset.

Redwood’s superior workability makes it an ideal building material.
Redwood deck boards provide stunning color and unique beauty to a deck.
Redwood’s unique cell structure allows it to hold finishes better than other woods.
The inviting warmth of a redwood deck can be an attractive and elegant addition to any home.
Redwood is well known for its natural durability and easy maintenance properties, as it displays less warping, cupping,...