Collection by Marianne Colahan

Reasons to Love Hand-Blown Glass


When husband and wife Jeremy Pyles and Mary Welch were frustrated with the lighting options for their Manhattan home-furnishings shop—Niche—they decided to create their own pendant light for the store. It soon became the store’s most sought after option, and in 2005, Pyles and Welch launched a line of ten lights made from hand-blown glass. Niche Modern has since created more lights, and expanded its assortment to include other colorful glass objects like vases and carafes.

An inspired lighting source, the Trove Pendant is a sculptural glass hanging light.
After getting its start in concept lighting, Niche Modern has expanded its designs to include other household items,...
The Convex Votive is an elegant tabletop accessory that is available in both soft and bold colors.
Inspired by nature, the Calla Pendant Light is designed based on the calla lily flower.
The Luxe Carafe Set includes one glass carafe and a coordinating drinking glass, meant to rest atop the carafe when not...
An extension of Niche Modern’s Indent Series—vases that feature an indentation at the middle of the vase, the Bonita...
The Delinea Pendant is a colorful glass hanging light that is defined by its sculptural silhouette.
Blending both rounded forms and angular details, the Taper Vase is defined by its geometric sensibility and dramatic...