Collection by Erika Heet

Reasons to Love Austin, Texas


Our architecture and design picks from the Texas capital possess just the right amount of weird.

With a last minute deadline, architect Burton Baldridge transformed a decaying trailer into a modern green home for...
Lauren Dolinsky’s petite flower shop is cozily housed in a renovated Airstream she found on Craigslist.
The original home was only one story, but the need for two children’s bedrooms demanded a second floor in order to...
#4: Outdoor classrooms.
From the side door of his restored two-bedroom bungalow, Dollahite watches his...
A tight construction budget informed the choices Sean Guess made as he designed a house for a couple in Austin, Texas.
Alterstudio Architecture of Austin designed this house in the Texas capital for a young family of four.
Additions of color in the interior are minimal, but when they are included, they make a lasting impact, such as with...
Shah, Suttles, and their daughter, Tesla, use their outdoor space as an extra room.
Homeowners Alex Wolfe and Jamie Thorvilson recently moved into the Wolfe Den, which sits on a quiet residential block...

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