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Set on five acres, the three pavilions total 2,900 square feet.
Like many others, the home was built painstakingly by hand by its owners.
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Dunlop demonstrates the deck’s secondary use: as a launching pad into the concrete plunge pool on the first floor.
A lap pool runs alongside the west facade of a hybrid prefab home in Palm Springs by Sander Architects.
Sage Design Studios transformed the developer-flattened landscape into a picturesque desert setting with naturalistic...
Glass House, Santambrogiomilano,...
The pool house stands separate and adjacent to the main home.
Upon leaving the market, the customer suddenly finds themselves on a street lined with five houses.
In Fujimori’s most recent project, Coal House, a tearoom protrudes from the second story, accessible from the exterior...
The project’s unique challenges—a tight budget and steep, difficult terrain — led the architects to a creative solution...
By putting solar power and recycled materials to use, Eric Garcetti and his partner transformed a mid-century house on...