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RBW's Unfiltered Bar Set


You're probably familiar with New York–based industrial design studio Rich, Brilliant, Willing from the pages of Dwell (most recently, their Branch light graced the cover of our June interior design issue). They've collaborated on lighting and furniture with Roll & Hill, Artecnica, Partners & Spade, and SCP; now, meet their latest creation, a bar set for the Karlsson's Vodka Unfiltered project.

The Swedish vodka is meant to be drunk neat, or on the rocks with a dash of black pepper. Mirroring Karlsson's “unfiltered” approach, RBW’s set uses only natural materials: glass, stone, wood, and metal. For the hand-blown glass dome and drinking glasses, the trio worked with artisan Michiko Sakano from Brooklyn Glass; they also commissioned Jake Levy at International Stone Collections (also in Brooklyn) to create the custom millstone out of a 2-inch-thick piece of Carrera marble. Here's what founders Theo Richardson, Charles Brill, and Alex Williams had to say about the set.

What made you want to design a bar set?The goal was to create a family of objects unified around the concept of subtly enhancing unfiltered spirits and minimal interventions.Marble, glass, and wood are materials that RBW uses frequently—how are they employed here to similar effect?Each material has a property ideally suited to its role in the set, marble (heft, durability, timelessness) aluminum (machinability), wood (warmth), glass (clarity, organic beauty).Has designing a bar set spurred any desire to create other household goods? What do you think could use a sculptural, well-designed makeover?There are so many great household goods out there; the best are often the simplest. In the case of the bar set, it's all about ritual and celebration—great points of departure!What is RBW's spirit of choice?Vodka Monday-Friday. Whiskey on the weekend!

RBW's bar set comprises a glass dome, two drinking glasses, a marble millstone, and an aluminum base with a wooden...
The dome is perfectly sized to fit a bottle of Karlsson’s Gold vodka.