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Rancho MCM


This mid-century modern ranch is interior designer, Annie Wise of Wise Design's, personal home. After living here for 7 years, she and her husband, completely transformed the house on a strict budget doing all of the work themselves. Their goal was to bring the space back to it's former vintage glory, respecting the architectural era, while adding a modern, yet timeless look to the interior.

The kitchen was completely gutted and rebuilt with new hardwood floors, cabinetry and an extensive amount of black subway tile which towers all the way to the wood ceiling, creating drama and contrast. The modern cabinetry is softened with warm wood countertops and vintage brass hardware. The Wises found new polished brass egg knobs that they brushed themselves and a few vintage drawer pulls they loved. They added a large pantry surrounding the fridge on the south wall and created a peninsula island with bar seating and extra storage.

The dining room was an addition built in the 60s with linoleum, cranberry carpet, popcorn ceilings and garage style cabinetry. All the new finishes were selected and installed to seamlessly blend the addition into the home. A wood tounge and groove ceiling, globe lighting and new doors and trim were installed to match the rest of the home as closely as possible. The dining room cabinets were partially removed to open the space and the remaining were modified into a bookshelf and painted a dark gray for contrast.

The Wises have collected vintage furnishings, textiles and trinkets from their travels throughout the years that decorate the space. These personal items are infused with contemporary pieces, such as the living room sectional by Perch Furniture, to create a warm, yet modern environment that reflects their personalities.

photos by Mhari Scott Photography